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Object of the Month: Eagle Nebula (Messier 16)

posted by Sarah on 23 May 2013

Messier 16, or the Eagle Nebula, was made famous in 1995 by the Hubble Space Telescope's Pillars of Creation photograph, showing the great towering columns of gas and the star formation within them. Now is the perfect time to have a go at your own version with the nebula in the ideal position for observing for the next few weeks.

Combined BVR and H-Alpha photo from the BRT

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Astronomy News: Last Chance to See Jupiter

posted by Sarah on 10 April 2013

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system with its distinctive pattern of red and white bands, will cease to be visible from our latitude at the end of April and won't reappear until August.
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Object of the Month: The Whirlpool Galaxy

posted by Sarah on 9 April 2013

The Whirlpool Galaxy or Messier 51 is one of the more spectacular astronomical objects that can be photographed by the Telescope.

Composite RBG, H-Alpha and Clear images taken with the BRT

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