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Tenerife Computers


Pictured are three of the four computers running on site, underneath are their UPSs, above is the monitor and keyboard. All four computers are networked and can be individually controlled and configured from the UK. The tasks performed by each computer are separated as follows:


Control runs Linux.


Weather runs Linux.


Spare runs Linux.

As the name suggests, this machine is mostly spare, however it has taken on some small jobs over time.


The computer that used to be Point is now used only as a Windows workstation for when we are on site.


This is a virtual Windows machine which runs under VMWare on the control computer.

This machine's job is to run TheSky by Software Bisque which controls the telescope mount. In order to use these pieces of software remotely there is a client application that connects to TheSky and controls it using RASCOM. This client software takes its orders from the controlserver software running on Control.


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