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Tenerife Weather Station


The BRT weather station runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year; logging data and providing weather status information to many systems within the observatory.

The weather station at the Observatorio del Teide installation monitors the following sensors:

One function of the weather station is to provide a good/bad signal to the controlserver and safety systems of the telescope observatory. The good/bad signal is generated every 10 seconds; the output is controlled by a series of rules. If any of the rules report that the weather is bad the output signal is set to bad. This information is used to govern the operation of the controlserver; which controls the operation of the telescope. In addition to the controlserver the good/bad output is also used by numerous safety systems, that act to protect the system in the event of a failure elsewhere in the system.

The weather station collects samples from each sensor every 10 seconds; every 10 minutes the weather station calculates average, minimum and maximum values and inserts them into the database. From here the database logs are uploaded to the primary UK server, from which they are used to generate the weather statistics and graphs.


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