Job number 016765
Submitted by john3 (John Baruch)
Submitted on 19 Jun 1996 16:56 BST from
User Priority 2 (10 lowest, 1 highest)
User category AMATEUR
User job ranking A (A highest)
Objects rise at 16.447651 and set at 18.496531 (siderial time)
Observation window 17.287231 to 17.287231 (siderial time)
Scheduler gave priority score of 90
Job Comments
Name: starmm2
Job Details
Track RA 17:28:19.53 DEC -20:01:11.7 Epoch 2000
(STSCI Picture)
Expose image for 12679mS using Clear filter (#7)
Job Progress
Job started at 50260.128906
Date last serviced 50260.128906
Extended Details
Do this job once only.

Observation 01: 6/10 - Medium

[Thumbnail image]
Small image from the observation. The FITS file you can download is certain to contain more detail and be a much better image. GIF files can only contain 64 levels of gray, FITS files contain 65536. Most Web browsers will only display 16 levels! Using a good FITS viewer you will be able to "zoom-in" to the detail in the background or foreground of the image.
The telescope automatically assessed the quality of the image as "6/10 - Medium". It detected 23 stars in the image. This image is 0.00% saturated
View the Header file. (Plain text, 8Kb)
This is a text version of the header that is attached to the FITS format file below. It contains the date and time the observation was performed, weather details, photonometry data and much more
View the FITS file (374Kb)
An uncompressed FITS file is available from this observation request. If you have configured your browser correctly, selecting the option below will load and display the image. Otherwise you will probably be prompted to save the image to disk. A guide to FITS files and compression
Get a GIF version of the observation (lower quality, less information; 37Kb)
The telescope is currently a prototype. The images and data below have all been automatically collected and presented without intervention. If you wish to use the results or data in any research or publication please first contact the EIA group ( Your feedback is welcome and useful, and you can leave comments.

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