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Current Status

The problems with original BRT hardware were not repairable. This telescope will now be decommissioned.

In its place, our new observatories are now linked with are currently being tested. An announcement will be made when this is ready for general use. If you would like to get involved with testing, please drop us an email.

We are currently having some mechanical problems with the COAST mount. The manufacturers of the mount are sending a team to fix it this week.

While COAST is being repaired, we are opening up the other OpenScience Observatories telescope - PIRATE - to accept jobs from users. This will be for a limited period only - until COAST is again fully operational.

PIRATE is a 17" PlaneWave CDK17 telescope with a FLI PL16803 CCD detector.

To use PIRATE you will need to submit new requests, selecting PIRATE on the camera section of the request constructor.

Planned Outages


Last updated: Monday 12 June 2017, 10:29

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