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However, we have produced a free 'badged' course Astronomy with an online telescope which shows you how to navigate the night sky, introduces the wide variety of objects it contains and, as part of the activities, provide you with a account to use with the course. You will develop a hands-on understanding of telescopic observations by using the robotic telescope facility COAST sited on the island of Tenerife. Supported by your own measurements the course illustrates how stars evolve and looks at variable stars.

While studying Astronomy with an online telescope, you have the option to work towards gaining a digital badge. Badged courses are a key part of The Open University’s mission to promote the educational wellbeing of the community and provide a way of helping you to progress from informal to formal learning.

Completing a course will require about 24 hours of study time. However, you can study the course at any time and at a pace to suit you.

You can find more details and course access here.

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